Rafting on the river Cetina lasts 3-4 hours on a 10 km long route which ends in a restaurant “Radmanove mlinice”. All you need to bring with you is a swimming suite, some shoes suitable for water and dry clothes so you can change afterwards. If you want to take pictures we recommend a waterproof camera. It is advisable not to take valuable objects (jewellery, watches) and if you wear glasses tight them by a thin rope.

A guide is assigned to every crew. He will give you all the equipment you need, which includes paddle, helmet and buoyancy aid. You will be also given a quick tutorial for basic rafting skills. This is a pool drop river and on the scale 1-6 it’s clasified as a 1-3 which means that the rapids are easy and medium.

This river has found it’s way through fields and cliffs creating rapids, waterfalls, lakes surrounded by wild vegetation and canyons. The natural harmony in and around this river is still unharmed.

Here you’ll see nature in its best, beautifull lakes, vegetation cliffs, waterfalls, caves…

Price: 250 kuna ( ≈ 33 €)
Children 7-14 years old 160 kuna ( ≈ 21 € )