Booking procedure

In order to book accommodation unit at you should perform the following procedure:

  1. Choose accommodation unit at
  2. Read general terms and conditions.
  3. Send enquiry referring chosen accommodation unit to our agency by e-mailom, fax or phone.
  4. If chosen accommodation is available in period you asked, the agency will send you the offer which will include total amount of service required.
  5. If you decide to accept service we offer, you should pay for reservation 35 % of total amount of service according to invoice which will be attached.
    Paymant should be effected :
    In Croatia – to the agency’s giro account
    You may need the following data:
    Ordering costumer: full name of the costumer including the address
    Details of payment: reservation of the accommodation, (write the name and type of accommodation unit you are reserving).
    Beneficiary: CYNTUS d.o.o., Trg kralja Tomislava 5, 21 315 Dugi Rat
    Amount kn: write down the amount according to the received calculation
    Account No.:HR2623600001102155709
    Outside Croatia – using international payment order
    You may need the following data:
    Ordering costumer: full name of the costumer including the address
    Beneficiary: CYNTUS d.o.o., Trg kralja Tomislava 5, 21 315 Dugi Rat, Croatia
    Bank: Zagrebačka banka d.d., 10000 ZAGREB, Paromlinska 2, Croatia
    IBAN code: HR2623600001102155709
    Amount: write down the amount according to the received calculation
    Details of payment: reservation of the accommodation, (write the name and type of accommodation unit you are reserving).
  6. Upon receipt of the payment , the agency will send you voucher. Voucher will include relevant information referring your accommodation unit (address etc.) and the rest of the amount which is to be paid upon your arrival in our agency in Dugi Rat, or directly to the owner of the accommodation unit.



  1. OFFER
    Travel agency CYNTUS d.o.o. , Trg kralja Tomislava 5, 21315 Dugi Rat (further in the text, the agency), guarantees the authenticity of the photos and data related to the accommodation unit characteristics in its offer available at as well as the authenticity of the conditions under which they are offered.
    The agency is obliged to provide the accommodation in the booked accommodation units in agreed period, except in the case of unexpected circumstances (war, riots, strikes, terrorist attacks, sanitary problems, natural disasters, official interventions, etc.).
    By renting one or more accommodation units from our program you enter a legal relationship with us, confirming that you accept the general terms and conditions for providing private accommodation services which are presented here. All the details published in the offer represent a legal commitment to the guest as well as to the agency. These conditions are the basis for solving all the possible conflicts between us, so please read them carefully.
    Booking applications are sent by e-mail and fax.
    In order to confirm reservation the guest pays an advance. The advance amounts to 35 % of total price of the service. The rest of the amount the guest pays on the day of the arrival in our office or directly to the owner of accommodation unit.
    By paying the reservation money the guest confirms that he/she is completely aware of all the characteristics and conditions under which a certain accommodation unit is offered to him/her. The act of payment for reservation makes everything stated in these conditions a legal commitment for the guest as well as for the agency.
    The prices published on web pages vary from unit to unit, and are shown next to every accommodation unit. The specified prices include: a daily rent of the accommodation unit, bedlinen, equipped kitchen (unless the guest reserves only rooms without the use of kitchen) with all the necessary dishes and cutlery, and water, electricity and gas spent during the guest’s stay.
    The prices of the accommodation units are in Euros. The agency keeps the right of changing the specified prices in case of price change of the person providing the services.
    All the specified prices refer to the stay in the accommodation unit longer than three nights. If the stay is shorter than four nights the specified prices are enlarged for 30 %.
    Visitor’s tax is not included in price of renting the accommodation unit. According to the Law, the guest is obliged to pay visitors’tax at the same time he/she pays for accommodation service. The amount of visitor’s tax vary from 2,00 do 7,00 kn person/day for the adults. Persons under 18 should pay 50% of the amount, while children under 12 do not pay visitor’s tax at all. Total amount of visitor’s tax depends on destination and period of stay.
    In case of the price change after the advance payment has been made, the agency guarantees that the rest of the amount will be paid according to the calculation based on which the guest had decided to make the reservation of a certain accommodation unit.
    Accommodation, food, services and other standards in particular places and countries are different and cannot be compared.
    The agency will ensure that the kitchen in every accommodation unit is equipped with corresponding dishes and cutlery according to the number of people it is intended for. Every guest is to arrive into a clean and tidy accommodation unit, where clean bedlinen will be expecting them.
    For the guests staying more than a week, the hosts are to change the bedlinen and the towels weekly.
    On the day of arrival to the accommodation unit, guests are to arrive after 14.00, and they are to leave the accommodation unit before 10.00 on the day of departure. During these four hours the host cleans the accommodation unit and prepares it for new guests.
    The keys of the accommodation unit are given in the unit itself by the host.
    The agency can suggest substitution of the reserved accommodation unit or cancel it completely or partially if before or during vacation unexpected circumstances occur which cannot be avoided or removed, as if these circumstances occured at the time of publishing and selling the program the agency would consider them a legitimate reason for not publishing the offer and consequently for not receiving applications and reservation confirmations of the specified accommodation units.
    If the agency is able to offer to the guest an alternative accommodation, the substitution of the reserved accommodation can be made only with the guest’s consent. The offered alternative is to be of the same or higher quality than the previously reserved accommodation. The possible price difference between the reserved accommodation and the accepted alternative will be covered by the agency.
    The agency will inform all the guests who have confirmed their arrival by paying for the reservation of any changes in the reservation or cancellation of the reservation immediately upon the occurrence of the unexpected circumstances, and if it is not able to find an alternative accommodation has an obligation of returning the whole paid amount minus the administrative costs.
    If the guest wishes to cancel the reserved accommodation, they have to do it in writing (via email, fax or ordinary mail).
    The date when the agency receives the notification of the cancellation represents a basis for the calculation of cancellation charges in the following way:
    – for a cancellation occurring up to 30 days before the start of using the reserved service and in the name of handling and administrative charges the agency charges 35 % of the advance payment accommodation. The rest of the money is returned to the guest at the expense of the receiver.
    – for a cancellation occurring from 30 to 0 days before the start of using the reserved service the agency will not return the reservation money.
    If the actual costs are higher than presented above, the agency keeps the right of charging all the actual costs. The specified cancellation costs are also applied to the changes of dates of the service use in the reserved accommodation unit but also to any other important changes.
    The agency’s obligation is to be in charge of carrying out the services as well as selecting the service provider giving it all the necessary attention, and also the agency is to take care of the rights and interests of the guest in accordance with the good habits in tourism.
    The guest has an obligation to:
    – own a valid passport. The costs of document loss of theft is born by the guest.
    – respect the home rules of the reserved accommodation units, and cooperate with the hosts with good intentions,
    – show the host the voucher with the correct number of persons and type of services to be provided at the arrival to the accommodation unit. The specified voucher will be forwarded to the guest’s home address immediately upon the paid reservation.
    – pay the rest of the outstanding amount in our agency or directly to the owner of accommodation unit.
    In case of not respecting the above stated obligations, the guest bears responsibility for all the possible costs and damages.
    The agency does not hold any responsibility for the ruined or lost luggage, nor for stealing of the luggage or valuable objects from the accommodation unit. The guest should report it to the host or to the nearest police station.
    If the guest is not satisfied with the condition of the accommodation unit, they are to inform the agency of the reasons of their dissatisfaction immediately upon arrival. The agency is obliged to offer substitution. If the guest is not willing to accept the solution offered on the spot and which corresponds to the reserved and paid service, the agency will not take into consideration their subsequent complaint nor will it find it necessary to respond to it.
    The standard for comparing the basic and alternative service is the price published on our web page. The agency is not allowed to offer the guest alternative services whose value is less than the value of the reserved services.
    With the act of paying for the reservation the guest accepts the program and the above stated conditions for providing private accommodation services completely.


Notice on filing consumer complaints

In accordance with Art. 6th st. 3. of The Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism (NN 130/17, 25/19) we would like to inform our consumers that they may file a complaint regarding the quality of our services in written form, and directly at the agency and they will be confirmed in writing without delay in writing .


Consumers can also submit a written complaint through:

mail to our address:

CYNTUS d.o.o.

Trg k. Tomislava 5, 21315 Dugi Rat

fax: 021/757 803


We will give a written reply to the written complaint of the consumer in writing no later than 15 days from the date of the receipt of the complaint.